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We offer a personalized service that will help you earn the right points & miles to save you a ton of money, or take that aspirational trip you never believed you'd be able to afford. With our guidance, we’ll advise you on the best way to get the miles needed for your dream vacation. Not all points & miles are created equal, so you want to make sure you are collecting the best ones for your travel goals. Our extensive knowledge of frequent flyer and credit card programs allows us to suggest methods and strategies of which you may be unaware.

How It Works:

  • We begin with an initial consultation via email or phone discussing your particular situation. We will present a high level overview of how you could maximize your credit card rewards.
  • Once you’ve signed up, we’ll focus in on your travel goals, credit worthiness and current knowledge of the points/miles “game.” We'll provide you with an overall assessment of your current situation – listing both the positives and areas of improvement (i.e. stop using your debit card!)
  • Finally, we'll make specific recommendations on how to begin earning the correct miles for your future trips. Much of our advice will involve signing-up for certain credit cards, along with a variety of other strategies to help you reach your travel goals.

In addition to helping you earn miles, we are available to answer any questions you have about miles/points, traveling, travel hacking, credit cards, airlines, hotels, etc. Feel free to reach out with any questions – you essentially have an expert travel hacker on retainer!

**Additional Benefit**

25% Discount on my Award Booking Service if you want me to book your trips with points & miles once you have them.

Service Fee:

$250 for a 3 Month Consultation Agreement.

Renewals are $150 per additional 3 month period.

Longer/Shorter term Agreements can be discussed as well.

What’s Included?

This includes the initial assessment of your current situation, personalized recommendations for your next credit card application and expert advice from us for any other travel/points/miles/credit cards/banking questions.

Just fill out the form below to get started with your initial consultation!

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